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Our Story

We Love Our Work

Give your taste buds a treat at Haymishe Bakery! 

At Haymishe bakery, a locally-owned establishment for more than four decades, we take pride in our delicious baked goods. Our secret recipe for challah bread, a customer favorite, has been passed down through generations. We use only the freshest ingredients and bake everything on-site daily. Stop by and taste the difference!

In 2013, a vicious fire erupted in our store and burnt the building to the ground. the distraught owner with few options had no choice other than to sell the business and retire. After a few years, the new, re-opened business was in distress and was at risk at closing it's doors for good. Miraculously,  a community member stepped forward and purchased the business, giving it a second life. In 2018, Haymishe Bakery received its kosher certification under the COR and with the help of the original owner, Haymishe Bakery has been able to grow and flourish by serving the surrounding communities.

Blueberry Muffins
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